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Mechanical engineer
Mecanicalengineer from Århus Teknikum January  1986. 
Student from Århus Statsgymnasium and pracital training in 


I have several years experience in mechanical construction. 
First I was employed at a trainfactory in Randers where I 
Designed components to a new train, the IC3-train. 
After that I was employed at a boilerfactory in Ålborg 
Where I constucted tubing to a big powerplant-boiler.
Later I came to a fishingship-project where I developed
Some elements in glassfibre reinforced polyester to a modern fishingship.
The last couple of years I have been occupied with different
projects at a couple of machinebuilders in the east of Jutland.
I speak english and german and I am able to handle french quite good. 
Computer qualifications:
I have been using AutoCAD in my work and is familiar with Solidworks and
Know somthing to Inventor.
Beside that I use Windows XP and Office XP.
I have been using the Internet a lot.                                                
Personal Profile:
I am 41 years old and have a daughter who is 16 years old. 
I am a positive, loyal and hardworking person.
I want a job with construction or
development in the mechanical field.
Please contact:
Carl Raskmark Hansen
Stennehøj Allé 47 1sal                  
8270 Højbjerg ,Denmark
Tlf. 0045 86 278239/0045 20814672