Sales/ Marketing/ Management/ Consulting 

Education: 1963, Technical University, Master of Science
1965, Military Academy, Flight Lieutenant
Language Skills: English, German, French, Swed/Norw
Danish: Mother tongue
Other Skills: Computer Experience, Licensed MS Office user
Membership of
Professional bodies: Society of Danish Engineers
Interests: Travelling, Sailing, Gardening

 Key Qualifications:

Strategic Planning, Market Development, Export Planning, establishing new companies in Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, UK and USA.

Project Management in Algeria, Egypt and Denmark. Personnel management, ISO 9000 certification, Reorganising companies in liquidation etc. 

Present Position: Management Consultant 

Specific Eastern Countries Experience:

Hungary, Consultant on Reorganising Production Facility, development of a Business Plan, introduction to ISO 9002 certification, EU/ Phare mission.
Poland, Restructuring Agricultural Tractor Manufacturer works.
In former Yugoslavia and CSSR, Project manager on several
Cold Storage projects

Extract of Professional Experience Record
Date: 1996-
Position: Director
Field of activity: Management Consulting
Description: Business development in general, establishing a new company, market surveys, product introduction, direct support to export sales.  

Date: 1995-96
Position: Sales director
Field of activity: Venture Company
Description: Sales management and client evaluation, market development, direct export activities in Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and USA. 

 Date: 1993-95
Position: Sales director
Field of activity: Manufacturing
Description: Re-establishing Sales and service after a bankruptcy. Introduction of new products to the European market, ISO 9001 certification.  

Date: 1992-93
Position: Man. director
Field of activity: Building construction
Description: Responsible for setting up a new subsidiary company for a Danish Holding. Market introduction of a new modular system for office and shop construction.  

Date: 1990-91
Position: Director
Field of activity: Building Equipment
Description: Acquisition of new companies, daily management of a sales- and manufacturing company with 200 plus employees. 

Date: 1987-90
Position: Man. director
Field of activity: Manufacturing, Building parts
Description: General Management, Product Development, expanding sales through new subsidiary companies and representatives.  

Date: 1984-87
Position: Director
Field of activity: Hydraulic Presses
Description: Sales and administration, direct export development to The Middle East, UK and USA. 

Date: 1966-84  
Position: Divisional director
Field of activity: Cold Stores Contracting
Description: Sales and Project Management, Strategic Planning, Market Development and introduction of new products.   

Miscellaneous: Lecturing in export technique at the Municipal Centre for Business Development in Århus. Speaker at various conferences.

Very good knowledge of International Business Customs achieved through extensive travelling and from longer stays in England, Germany, USA and the Far East.  

Eigil Herms
Haslevangsvej 35
DK 8210 AArhus V

Phone / Fax. 0045 8615 4696, Mobile 0045 2025 3456